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Blog: Role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in 2023 and the Impact on Marketing

A chief revenue officer is someone who is responsible for the revenue generation of any business. Someone who can identify opportunities that can result in measurable sales and ultimately growth, in the future. Go a decade back, and you will find one or the other responsibility of a present-day Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) as an integral part of any organization- which means that the role was always there but not in the form it needs to be today.

So, what has changed?

Digital technology has reduced the gap between sales and marketing.
With sophisticated sales and marketing automation in place, customer acquisition is easier than ever before.

Blog: Using Real-Time Chat to Optimize Marketplace Engagement & Boost Conversions

Marketplaces can be divided into three categories: B2C, C2C, B2B – Chat and messaging is relevant to all of them regardless of what they sell. Let’s take an example of a C2C platform like OLX. If I want to buy any article posted by the seller on the site and have a few queries about it, I can directly open the app and message them for making a quick decision. Even if the seller is busy and misses real time notifications, they can reply to me instantly by reading my messages later. Real time responses will certainly nurture my buying intent but even if the responses are a bit delayed there is a track of communication, which means both parties can communicate asynchronously via the same message box. Think of a chatbot, email or phone call in this place- the seller may lose this lead completely!